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These files are NOT indexed. Once a file has been viewed it can be indexed. If you would like to index a file follow these simple steps below:
1. First build your index
2. To select your file to index,
3. Select link location/
4. Enter your email address in
5. Add any short comments
6. To save the index click on
from the ‘Options available’
place your arrow on the file
address and enter it, without
the ‘Your email’ box below.
(20 characters max.) in the
the ‘Save and Index’ button.
section below. Your selections
name and right-click to bring
editing, in the ‘File to save’
‘Comments’ box below.
Click the ‘Reset’ button at any
will appear in the ‘Index
up a menu.
box below.
time to cancel and start again.
selected’ box on the left.
Index selected
Options available

More Options